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We create Games, Apps, Websites and videos with Beautiful Design & Great Functionality

Galactech Web


Our Web team develops your web-administration space in order to make your activity-management tasks easier.. Our websites are responsive and built to manage your organisation and solve any potential problems using ergonomic interfaces. We offer you a variety of solutions: Content management system (Wordpress, Jomla, …), E-commerce website (Prestashop, ...), ERP solutions (Odoo, ...), Web applications (Front and back office, costume websites,...

Galactech Games


The interact team is the beating heart of the company.A group of talented and creative developers aglomerated together to create video games, virtual tours and simulations using the latest technologies available today in the global market to give a unique touch to education, advertising, testing products. We create: Virtual and augmented reality games, Social media games, Mobile,laptop and console games, Virtual visits & tours,...

Galactech Prod


Our production team provides you with the best audio-visual content from filming to editing to satisfy your needs. We use the latest technologies to bring 2D and 3D graphics to life. We produce: Storyboarding, 3D/2D animations, regular and 360° filming, Editing and video effect adding (VFX),Advertising...

Galactech Academy


Galactech academy is an online school for those who want to lean or improve their skills. IN addition to the e-learning platform which offers online courses,we offer tarining sessions in our classerooms with a variety of talented professors.The academy offers certificates and provides references to those who pass the final exams after every session (Online or Physical).Related course Offerings : Web-development & Design,Game development ,Mobile progarmming ...


Develop your
creativity with us

GALACTECH is a STARTUP that accompanies you in the development of your applications projects and Websites. We offer you a multitude of innovative features, contemporary designs, and prices tailored to your needs. Our team will listen to you throughout this adventure.

GALACTECH, accompanies you in the digitization of your company allowing you to extend your virtual and physical windows.


Houssem Zouaghi

Houssem Zouaghi

Co-Founder & Product Director

Software Engineer

Houcem Maiza

Houcem Maiza

Co-Founder & Head of Communications

Software Engineer

Houssem Andolsi

Houssem Eddine Andolsi

Artistic Director

Maher Sgahier

Maher Sgahier

Web Project Manager

Master in software engineering

Youssef Bouafif

Youssef Bouafif

Graphic Designer

Mahdi Ben Khamis

Mahdi Ben Khmis

3D Artist



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